Non-Builders Club group slot purchaseable

Hello everyone,

Extra Non-Builders Club Group Slot which is purchasable possibly 100R$ which allows you to go from 5 maximum group slots to 6,7,8,9… and you should be able to keep buying more.

This feature would allow the users who are wanting to join a group but do not have group space to bypass it as long as they’ve got enough robux to buy an extra group slot.

Although Builders club offers similar features not everyone can afford to buy them every month so it’s a counter to having to buy builders club for the feature.

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The underlying issue is how users interact with groups.

Rather than joining a group to be a part of it, you should only need to ‘follow’ it, much like how following works with players. That way, you wouldn’t waste a group-slot joining a group you only want to interact on a social level with.

That said, users shouldn’t be capped based on builders club, it seems like quite an outdated method to me.

I feel this is going against the point of Builders Club which is pay more $ to get more.

ROBLOX shows the amount of groups you can join as the second feature of BC. Make it so anyone can join as many groups as they like and you end up losing a paid feature.

A change wouldn’t really bother me (I do think 100R$ is a little low), but I can’t see ROBLOX doing this.

I never understood why you are limited to a certain amount of groups in the first place, or at least this little. However, i don’t think this is the best solution.

I wish the max groups wuldn’t go back to 5 after my bc expires. Either i need to sacrifice 6 groups to join a new one or pay 6 dollars.