Non-Euclidean Geometry Trick (Open Source)

(Topic) Roblox has had this glitch for a while. And if you have been developing for some time you would have most likely encountered this glitch, known as the glass transparency bug.
With this bug, you can set a part’s(Of any material) transparency to 0.02, while setting a glass parts transparency to 0.9999999. This allows when the original part is placed behind the glass part, the part will appear invisible.


So what this allows you to do is essentially create to what appears to be a Non euclidean objects.


I was able to create a Non euclidean room.

Comment what you think?

Test out game here: Non Euclidean Physics - Roblox

See more on my discord:


That’s really cool, I always wanted to have something like this in Roblox.

would be nice if you could teach us how to make it or make the place uncopylocked so we can inspect it.
(unless that’s not what you intend to do)


Done and done!
People have been asking so I will do so!


Noted down
Thanks for the suggestion!

This isn’t a bug, transparent parts not showing through glass is intentional. Still always a neat trick though (also you should probably refrain from using non-ASCII characters in your titles, it’s harder to read and harms discoverability of the topic since users won’t be using the same characters to search for this)


I guess what they wanted to share is technically development as it helps builders with things (or maybe not).

I think it’s just in the wrong category as this post is sharing a resource for you to use.


Awesome, but why has the first post been flagged?? There’s nothing offensive on it

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The post was flagged because people think it was the wrong category. I honestly don’t know if this is the wrong category or not.


It should be in the cool creations category


Its open source, so it should be put in community resources


Dang this is interesting. Neat!

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WOW. This is such a simple feature to hide certain parts behind glass, but when used like this, I think it has a ton of potential.

Combine this with EgoMoose’s portal system to teleport the player to different locations for more visual trickery, and you have a seriously convincing demo or showcase experience.
Add some puzzle elements and more polish, and you could easily have a frontpage game.


Thanks didn’t think about that when I made it open source!

Good to hear the advice, thanks.

This will be so cool for horror games. Imagine making a locker that the player has to go into, but then it actually stretches very far, and even into another room.


Love it. Amazing for Horror games.


That is an amazing idea. The good thing is that it works with meshes as well, so that would help for the more realistic models :+1:

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By placing a skeleton character pack inside a noob figure I was able to create an X-ray of it.