Nondescript error message causing players to disconnect at random intervals

  • After 10-20 minutes (at seemingly random times) players are disconnected from the game with a strange new error message. Normally this would not occur.

  • This happens sometimes. The repro is not known.

  • The place is the following:
    Cannoneers! - Roblox

  • This started as of today…

  • The only big update that would involve the transmission of data that happened today has to do with our use of the group API and using an edited version of the default chat. We cache all API calls though so I’m not sure what’s up there.


See if anything appears in the Developer Console when this happens.

Managed to get it to happen, players don’t get a particular script error
but they do get “error while processing packet” when it happens, and drop
severe frames for about a second before the disconnect.

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UPDATE: I’ve been able to locate some really weird behevior in studio, some people on the game told me it was when they were placing cargo, and I’ve been able to confirm that it seems like it is? This doesn’t crash in studio, but my guess is that it is the same issue that crashes ingame.

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And the final error that causes the crash (this happens if I pick up cargo after the first error occurs)

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Usually the “Error while processing packet.” happens when you send a (very) large string over the network, (about) 2e5 bytes. Does your cargo code spam the RemoteEvent or so with a lot of data?

I managed to figure out the issue. It had to do with large quantities of joints whose rootJoint was a Motor6D, switching this rootJoint to a Weld fixed the crashing, so I figure this is a physics networking bug.