None of my devices can join games

A few weeks ago I was having trouble joining games. There would be about a 50/50 chance that the client would loop indefinitely while displaying the message “Joining Server” like image below. The internet would slow down to a stand still throughout my apartment while the message was being displayed.

I was able to deal with this glitch up until today when I could no longer join any Roblox games. Soon I discovered that none of my devices (laptop, desktop, phone, xbox) were able to join Roblox game except for my smart phone while using 3G internet (don’t have 4G). So I figure it might be a port issue with my router so I connected my laptop directly to my modem but had no luck.

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i used to get this too

when i did get this problem i went to and saw my internet download speed was like 0.56 mbps

usually it goes back to normal the next day but since you’ve been dealing with this for weeks i guess you’re having a different situation

I was able to join all games successfully for a little while this morning but now there are few games on the front page I cannot join now matter how many times I try. Those games include Jailbreak and my testing place. All other games on the front page I can join just fine.

Well I was able to join Jailbreak after the 10th attempt. No luck with my testing place.

Yeah, my internet speed is fine (8-9 mbps).

I generally can’t join games when using my VPN connection, even though it has nearly the same download speed as my regular internet - things take extremely long to load. I don’t know why Roblox runs into so many quirks like this, while other games/downloads have no issues whatsoever.

sometimes it takes 5 minutes to join my own game

This happens to me as well. I have to join games 3-4 times before it actually loads. I also can’t do Play Solo or Server tests in studio.

I’m getting 10-12 mbps