None of the sounds uploaded by myself would load, Unable to download sound data

Im having this problem where none of the sounds i have uploaded would load, even if i try in a new published place, they would just not load and give an error about downloading sound data, but they load on not published places, what can i do?

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Are you publishing them under the same group or profile that the game is published under? If your game is published under a group, then you need to upload the sounds under that group. If it’s under your profile, then publish the sounds under your profile.

Sounds are from my profile, and the game too

This sounds like an issue on Roblox’s part, maybe try reuploading them?

This happens all the time… usually it’s because the audio hasn’t passed through moderation yet
If it’s been more than a few hours I’d contact @ Mod_Review_Requests here on the devforum

They are old audios, from days ago, and some from months ago

If both the sounds and game are under your profile then you should contact @ Mod_Review_Requests with your issue, they’re quite reliable and you should get a response within a day of submitting a ticket

I’m having the same issue but with hundreds of sounds and it’s driving me insane.

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Have you been able to resolve it?
For me, still nothing

Roblox is very inconsistent on their rules from the audio update so the thing that works for me is inserting the audios one by one from the toolbox