Nonuniform Unions: Now Available on Production

It seems features you’re involved in always have nice care taken to help developers migrate, e.g. the care taken with the release process for the new draggers, the plugin built to help with the audio privacy issue, and now the migration feature here. Not sure if you had a primary hand in all of these, but the time and effort invested into handling these things carefully and thoughtfully is super appreciated.


I’m probably going to like that update.

um this union or parts update idk ruined a lot of my models that now are all glitched. the textures on part spheres are rendering in a position before it wasn’t, builds are all messed up because of the spheres and cylinders used on it. and i dont feel like fixing it because roblox likes to break everything, please fix the damaged and bad resized unions and parts now. and leave them as they were. because is so annoying having to fix 100+ things that are rigged and animated already.

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If you post screen shots it will probably help the team behind this diagnose what’s going on. Sounds like something with the UVs.

Sure, i wasn’t sure if i could post images. here you go:
how it has to look:
how it looks now:
how this build looks now:

how it has to look: image

before that update:

(their faces are weirdly centered, is a sphere part with a decal on it.)


I doubt this update has anything to with this though.


thanks for informing me! i didn’t know where to catalog it on since this is new to me.

Around 1 week ago I experienced this feature without enabling something, so I guess it was a test. I like it.

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That’s why my unions broke! I opened Trident yesterday to find all of my unions had their scale reset. Tried using version control to no luck, but switching UnionsScaleNonuniformly to Enabled fixed the issue.


The wide range of people that helped make this feature is amazing!

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Hah I was just needing this a few days ago! How awesome to have this!


This is awesome! It will be so great to use!

I have wanted this since I started using unions.

This is exactly what I and map builders need, essentially One of the best updates in Developers community, small but efficient. Love it :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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This is actual magic. What the hell. How did you guys get this working?

One extra feature I would like from this update is nonuniform spheres. I can turn a sphere into a union and scale that, but it would be better if that also worked for spherical parts.

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Today I went into studio to edit on a place I had unions stored in ServerStorage, moved it to workspace and it appeared that the unions refused to load. The unions’ size remained unchanged. This didn’t occur in any previous attempts that I recall.

I’m not entirely sure what happened, I’m just posting here because I suspect there’s a link between this and the update.

Sounds unlikely, this change only affects how the renderer uses the mesh once it’s loaded, it doesn’t affect loading of the mesh.

Is it reproducible (can you make it happen multiple times)? If not it could have been a one-off error due to the Union contents failing to load from the cloud.

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Sorry for the late reply. I reopened studio tonight and took the exact actions I did as when I wrote the original reply.

The unions seemed to have loaded in accordingly and are visible. It probably was just a one-off bug. I don’t always know, though. I find Roblox Studio to easily screw up unions the longer they are used, so if I tried to edit a union from a place I last edited three years ago the API might have a fit.

Just an update: I’m going to enable this by default on Monday, the 29th. Had planned to turn it on this Monday but a lot of people were still running the migration so I held off and now it’s tapering off a bit so I’m going to move forwards.


It’s monday! Woohoo! Weekends over, kids

Can you try to fix the issue where if you union one part, you can only make it bigger and smaller, like a 2_part union