Nonuniform Unions Release Rollout has caused some models to morph / scale

Reproduction Steps

I’m not entirely sure which unions reproduce this, but in my case I can reproduce it be looking at specific models that use unions and comparing them between studio and the live version. They appear as intended in studio play sessions, but are warped or scaled up in the release version.

I believe this began at 6:46pm yesterday with the enabling of the NonuniformUnionsReleaseRollout2 PC client flag

Expected Behavior

I expect the unions to appear as they do in Studio and during creation

Actual Behavior

The unions are being scaled and transformed in unintended ways. Here are examples:

Intended Appearance (and how they still appear in Studio test sessions):

Morphed appearance after Nonuniform Unions Release Rollout 2:
(The bee’s mohawk thing has been scaled up, applies to all instances of that bee model)
(The text has become taller and warped)

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Often
Date First Experienced: 2022-08-29 18:08:00 (-05:00)


We are also experiencing this issue with our chandelier lights going out of the frame and our fountain becoming enlarged.


Have you seen and read the rollout thread: Nonuniform Unions: Now Available on Production ?

If not, first read that. Then:

  1. Does the migration run when you change Workspace.UnionsScaleNonuniformly to Enabled restore the expected appearance? (The change is default enabled, but explicitly enabling the setting will offer a migration to fix up existing content that was affected)

  2. If the migration doesn’t fix things, does setting Workspace.UnionsScaleNonuniformly to Disabled help?


Thank you! I hadn’t seen that thread, and setting it to Enabled and converting worked.

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