Noob Attack 2: The soundtrack, and a final farewell to the project

Good day all,

I haven’t used the Developer Forum in a long time, but I’m back from what I consider one of the craziest breaks from anything I’ve ever had, and I’m probably going back to it after this showcase. After various situations I got myself into, I’ve finally decided to make something public that I haven’t really talked about since mid-2019: Noob Attack 2.

If it wasn’t entirely clear enough, I’ve pretty much decided to discontinue the project back in late 2019 after over 4 years of on-and-off work. I had ideas to keep going with it through 2020, but it just wasn’t worth the trouble if there’s no monetary gain to be made off of it, even if players were to enjoy the experience. Additionally, Roblox just isn’t the platform for these kinds of ambitious projects.

Just a couple of familiar demos and things related to the project

TestRunV1.1 TowerWardenDemo ChoicesDemo Tsudoro Demo

I know this doesn’t entirely belong in the “Help & Feedback” category since I’m not looking for help, but it is a creation of mine, and I am still open to feedback, despite the project being discontinued.
Noob Attack 2 still lives on as the concept, the story, the characters, you name it, but those are for another day. In the meantime, I’ve decided to finally make the nearly-ENTIRE soundtrack of the project PUBLIC.

Some necessary background about the project

It’s likely that most of you aren’t familiar with the project or its predecessor, and that’s totally alright. The game took on a variety of approaches, but the general concept was that the game was going to be a Roblox-based 2D platformer with combat mechanics similar to NES-era Mega Man games, and a level system similar to Genesis-era Sonic games. Furthermore, the art style would look like that of a game from those times, a la Super Nintendo or, once again, Genesis. My desire to make it was fueled by wanting to make a better, more stylistic version of an old, dead game of mine called Noob Attack, which I immediately ditched after starting Noob Attack 2 back in 2015. The unique part about Noob Attack 2 was that there were going to be ten main levels and ten main characters. Each level would require the player to use the character assigned to that level, which would be designed around their unique mechanics. Eventually, players would later begin a set of difficult levels that would require the use of each of the characters’s mechanics, meaning they’d need to be switched out during gameplay, like how Mega Man could switch out weapons for use mid-level. As for the music style, if you’d like a refresher on how it sounds (and for higher quality versions of some of the music, you’ll see why in my heads-up below), I made a post a while back containing the themes for stages 1 through 10, which you can find here.

Needless to say, my plans didn’t come to fruition, but I’ve already said why. Here’s the thing though: why am I making the music public only? Why nothing else? Well that’s because this is the most complete part of the game, even if not everything that was once planned is here.

What you'll find in the soundtrack
  • 56 music tracks, used and unused, original and remixed, old and new, with most of them looped once, totaling for over 2.5 HOURS of music from the game!
  • Volume 1, which includes the menu theme, stage select, the intro stage, and stages 1 through 10.
  • Volume 2, which includes the late-game stages, boss themes*, stage start/finish jingles, a success theme, the epilogue, and credits theme*
  • Quick little background tracks that would play during intermissions
  • Remixes of existing songs, including rock, orchestral**, and electronic remixes, and even “demixes”.
  • Three old and unused tracks that really show just how bad I was with trying to make original music (with reasons why they were scrapped explained in the video)
  • Miniboss and credits themes by user @HOLDKJEFT (they sound so distinct!) *
  • An orchestral rock remix of the menu theme by user @ArythMotif (which is pure bliss) **
A heads-up before listening

just a heads-up that the audio quality is really poor compared to how it should actually sound. I uploaded the soundtrack to YouTube a month or two ago in private to test how it would sound on the web, and when I realized that there was an obvious alteration in quality, it was too late. I’ve never had this issue before, so when it popped up, I was totally caught off-guard. Now as a result of the quality loss, the songs that are chiptune-based (not including Zamual’s music) have some really sharp-sounding artifacts here and there. Either way, I decided to finally make it public because trying to make a better version would’ve been draining during that time. Converting the music formats to something like .mp3 or .ogg takes even longer. I’ll likely try to make a newer version that’s higher in quality at a later date, and if I ever do, the description of the video will be updated with its link.
TL;DR if you’re not alright with hearing sharp-sounding bits that might hurt your ears, then I’d say skip over to Zamual’s music or the remixes (except for the testing/pocket remixes), and avoid every other song.

If you’d rather not read the content, just know that the soundtrack totals over 2 hours, has content provided by other users, and most of the songs suffered a quality loss.
I’ve provided more information in the description of the soundtrack below. I hope you guys enjoy it despite the issues faced!

Now on a final note, where am I going from here? Well don’t mistake this as a goodbye to Roblox. I’m actually currently working on a different game I started back in 2019 that I’m finding a lot more success with. I don’t have much to say on it yet, but maybe stay tuned for that.

Until then, farewell, Noob Attack 2.


Sad to see, but was quite obvious. Good luck with that Pin-Ball game!

The mixing could use some improvement, but solid soundtrack! :ok_hand:

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