Noob Hell Game Feedback

Looking for feedback on this game!
Make sure to rate it and have your reasoning.
Any suggestions can go to my devforum messages.


The whole game just seems like a bunch of assets put on a Baseplate without much refinement - or interesting gameplay.

It’s also quite buggy; I spawned without a car key and I had to re-join to fix it, and I got locked in a garage.

There’s no real explanation or tutorial as to what to do. If you weren’t in the game saying in chat what to do, I would have been clueless. Running over the noobs is oddly fun but it just made me lag, and the car was quite difficult to control.

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game is all over the place. the cars are glitchy ; the noobs lower my framerate to like -5324 when ramming them with cars, literally a blank baseplate with some ramps