Noob Knockout [GAME]

To add to your bugs:
The first ones probably due to that fact that I used .Touched to detect hits and it could fire twice when a humanoid dies (though I still use a debounce to prevent such issues), I’ll have to rework the attacking system to fix that bug.

Ok, the second one is definitely because I forgot to add some script lines. Patches will be made, along with some cosmetics and maps.

UPDATE: I’ve added some patches and a minor content updates, including TweenService now being used on an arena, nerfs on one of those perks and coin-bought characters.

Some features I’m considering adding soon is a new map, decoration of the bunker, more auras, devproducts for more money, trails and an AFK option. Since the basic coding has been done, releasing updates should be somewhat quick.

(I’m sorry @savv2much, Your grind won’t end that easily, now that I have overpriced cosmetics.)

You might as well as change the sign on the shop because you got characters in not just auras. And the double kill bug is still happening.

That’s an oversight on my side - I will change it soon.
Still working on why it’s doing that other bug, the kick action seems to work as intended when I tried.