Noob Knockout [GAME]

After 6 months, my first serious game that I managed to keep pushing on is finally complete! (Well, Version 1.0 is. There will still be updates)

Noob Knockout [RELEASED] - Roblox

This game has a maximum of 16 players per server, and works best if you bring friends as well to test it!

Feedback is encouraged, as well as any bugs I may have overlooked can be reported here.

Thank you all,


Don’t waste your robux, word of mouth is the best advertising.

Ok then, I apologize for that last paragraph. I will delete it now.

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No! I meant robux! That was auto correct!

Auto correct is the worst. :mad:

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Awesome game! :+1: i like how you made the map and that stuff

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OH! Man, autocorrect is indeed a really stupid thing. Better turn it off then!
And now I forgot the last paragraph. Great!

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Oh, I didn’t know I could turn it off. I think I won’t though because it does punctuation.

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Super fun game, i would personally nerf the stronger hits perk as kicks almost one shot and thats not really too fair…
however other than that i would add an intermission timer because its very vague and i mistook it for the game not starting. i would play it again!

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i played the game more and discovered that after one match it doesnt start another

Game seems interesting, a tutorial would be nice to spice it up!

do not throw it in the players face though


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I fixed the issue, I made a syntax error when restoring player health!
I will also nerf the perk you mentioned.

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I am actually working on a gui-based tutorial screen, to replace the INFO button’s gui.


Good Game But Use Tween For The Elevator And Make The UI Nicer.

The elevator’s already using TweenService

Oh, For Me Its Glitchy Like I Get Teleported Under The Part

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Game is much more enjoyable thanks to that fix, I look forward to seeing your game progress as i have a great time playing it. But one thing I would recommend is hiring more people to pump updates out faster, friends, people you trust, etc.

A tutorial screen has been added!
Working on other features soon, most likely an AFK option.

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  1. Sometimes when I kill the player with the punch it gives me double kills.
  2. I don’t get kills with the kick but I get money.


  1. Maps
  2. Aura’s. ( I got every non-Robux auras at LVL 9 with 38 kills.)

A way for him to fix that problem is that he could use BodyMovers (for example, BodyPosition).

I’ve tried using that for earlier versions of the game. The problem was that due to the fact that it was physics based, it stalled and was inconsistent in movement in actual servers, especially with more than 2 players.