Noob Question but, why can't you concatenate strings with instances?

Been programming for the last 5 and a half months. Never searched or asked or tried to seek an answer but now I am starting to get serious and I need to know. Why can you not do this, is it that I’m trying to print the instance and not it’s .Name maybe?

Honestly I have no idea, you can try to tostring the Instance to avoid errors although that just prints the name of the object. If you want a direct clickable reference to the object inside the console you can do print("Collected", Object)(seperate them by comma, a space will be added automatically).


The reason why is because to be quite plane is that you only can do it with strings. The reason is because you only really need to concatenate strings with strings and there is no real reason why you would require to do it with anything else (numbers could be something but you can just make them string).

If you want to concatenate the name with some type of string just do the Instance.Name.

thanks mate looks like it works.