Noord Brabant 10/6/2019 Update Log

New Features

  • Removed Gamepass: The boombox has been permanently removed.The BoomBox gamepass has been changed to the Half Jail Time Gamepass! This means that all game pass holders of the boombox would receive the new game pass. Unfortunately this had to be because of some technical problems.

  • TeamGui Problems: There are no more bugs in TeamGui, previously you sometimes couldn’t change teams or weird bugs were found in this. Now everything must be solved.

  • RadioGui Added: Team radio has now also been added, this means that you now also can communicate with other team members via the radio.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved jail system.

  • Military Police car spawn fixed.

  • You can now only place 5 traffic pawns.

  • Improved Car spawn system.

  • Wanted level system fixed.

  • Boombox gamepass changed to half jail.

  • More protection for music exploiters.

  • Boombox removed for problems.

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