Noord Brabant 14/6/2019 Update Log

New Features

  • In-Game Currency: You can now buy in-game cash with the shopping cart button. This cash will be saved on your account. We never return cash or robux. We are also not responsible for data lost.

  • New Cars: There are now added 2 more civilian cars, you can buy them on the civilian spawn.

  • New Spawns: We have added new spawns and removed all old car spawns. With a brand new design!

  • ATM Places: The bank is now in several places in the game! When a robbery has already been done you have to wait.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Many know bugs fixed.

  • ATM personal cooldown has been removed.

  • E to drive bug fixed.

  • Server cooldown ATM is now 5 minutes.

  • You have 5 seconds to rob the bank after this the police know there is an robbery.

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