Noord Brabant 30/6/2019 Update Log

New Features

  • Hospital: We have added a brand new hospital for the first time!

  • Automatically Calls: FireFighters has now automatically 911 calls for xp.

  • Swat Gear: You can now be a SWAT member with a (bearcat, clothing, tools) if you are the “Dienstchef” rank into the police team / military police team for this cool feature.

  • Helicopters: We added 2 brand new helicopters. The helicopters are not the same model as in real life, and not the best ones. But its really cool to fly it! You can also watch with the camera’s inside!

  • Undercover: The undercover agents has now better and more cars. Added: Vito + T6.

  • New Tools: We have added 2 new tools. SWAT: Riot Shield - POLICE: Traffic Light

  • Willem’s Garage: You can now find the garage in all city’s! Enjoy the customization.

  • Quick Response: When you got a automaticly call from the server you can press on the button ‘Show Enroute’ that pop-up’s in your screen. It will send in the radio your call info.

  • Military Police: We have added a BMX X5 to the Military Police team.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • You can now show enroute on a atm robbery.

  • Added 2 more ranks at all teams.

  • More datastores Improvements.

  • Military police amarok vehicle fixed.

  • You can now close the Radio frame.

  • Police and Military Police can now open the gates of industry places.

  • Fixed the biggest bug from the guns.

  • Somethings are changed by the airport.

  • Some road bugs fixed.

  • Police audi A6 bugs fixed.

  • Radio script bugs fixed.

  • Fire call bugs fixed.

  • Hospital roof changes.

  • All vito seat bugs fixed.

  • Ambulance floor fixed.

  • Many fire calls added.

  • Helicopter (tool / UI) bugs fixed.

  • FireFighters and Paramedics xp changed.

  • Military police gates fixed.

  • Debounce added on healing.

  • Many other bugs fixed.

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