North Korea: The Fate of Humanity - DISCLAIMER

Disclaimer: This game is solely based on fictional events. The use of country names listed throughout this game fall under the fair use doctrine. The opinions in this game fall strictly under the views of the developers and do not necessarily depict the views of any agency, organization, or country. This game does NOT suggest taking in-game actions and carrying them out in real life. The authors/developers/owners of this game take NO responsibility for the real-life actions of those who have played this game. Please be aware: Content throughout this game may be too realistic for young audiences.

Update: To better our gameplay experience and to create a more inclusive environment, we’ve worked with the Epilepsy Foundation of America to assure all strobe lighting effects are harmless to anyone who may have photosensitive epilepsy. To be clear, no strobe lighting in this game exceeds five hertz.

Update To Address Player Inclusiveness

We focus a considerable amount of time on assuring we offer all players an inclusive and safe gaming environment.

In this pursuit, we require all players to abide by the Roblox Terms of Service (ToS) and Community Rules/Guidelines. Note, this community is based on North Korea, and the game is based on the 2014 film ‘The Interview.’ Even though this community is based on North Korea, none of the administrators, developers, or owners believe or practice any North Korean ideals or standards. We have created this community to joke around about North Korea, we do not associate ourselves with its communistic and dangerous ideals.

To be clear, we condemn all policy, actions, and human rights violations committed by North Korea.

You can find some objective information about North Korea and its inhuman practices via this link: Everything you need to know about human rights in North Korea | Amnesty International | Amnesty International

If you or someone you know, within this community, feels unsafe, or uneasy while playing our games, we highly recommend you reach out to an administrator. We are here to help you feel included and safe within our community. To achieve our goals of creating an inclusive, safe, and healthy environment, we may occasionally take unbiased administrative actions towards certain members of the community. We can only take these actions if you share information with us. If at any time you believe a member of the community is breaking Roblox ToS or the Roblox Community Guidelines, please reach out to our administrators immediately.

If you have any questions about our pursuit of inclusiveness or our gameplay in general, please message CannonTear on Discord or Roblox.