Northeast High School Code of Conduct

Hello, I’ve created this forum to speak directly to the members and onlookers of NHS! Today I will be going over some of the important rules, and ethics of NHS that have been overseen in the past. I hope this can be informative and notable in your future engagements with our servers.

Dress Code
All members are required to follow a lenient yet necessary dress code that is made up of but not limited to:

-Nudity is not allowed, and everyone in the server is required to cover up in a casual manner
-Packages are not to be used as trolling, any obscene of distracting package formations are not allowed
-No racist,homophobic, or hateful slurs are allowed on your clothing or body this includes t-shirts
-Political attire is allowed as long as it isn’t over the top, or offensive. You may not wear political attire if it negatively protests another person
-Anti Religious clothing that is seen as offensive, or harmful is not allowed. This includes dressing up as Satan, or a “terrorist”
-Staff are required to wear formal, or casual attire with no political affiliation
-Clothing that promotes other schools, is not allowed

-Using all caps, in a repetitive manner is not allowed
-Insults, or slurs that include racism,homophobia, nazism,facism, are strictly banned and can result with a permanent ban from our servers
-Bullying in the form of antagonizing another person for their religion, beliefs,body, lifestyle, or skin color is not allowed.
-Leaving a class you are assigned to, without reason is not allowed
-Yelling at staff members will result in severe punishment
-You may not use sexual behavior within our servers, doing so will result in an immediate ban
-Asking for a job, or complaining about your rank will result in elimination from our hiring system.
-You may not bicker about your punishments, and if you don’t agree with them you may contact myself or an assistant director

Ban List
-If you have noticed you are not allowed in our servers, it’s most likely because you are apart of a group that we deem hostile or you’ve broken a rule causing you to be banned
-A ban from our servers will follow with a message as to why you were banned and for how long
-We can extend, or remove bans depending on your behavior and actions
-Complaining about being banned will only extend your time on the list

Discipline System
-Unless you are exploiting, severely trolling, or online dating then you will not be banned on the spot
-You will receive two warnings unless myself, or a school board member decides otherwise
-If your teleported, and sat down to discuss your behavior you may not leave this will only make your punishment worse.
-The punishments include
-Kick from our servers
-Muted within our servers
-Suspended from the group, or server
-Demoted from your rank
-Ban for a set ammount of time
-Permanently banned

Other General Rules
-Be respectful in general to your other students
-Sit down when you are told
-Follow the dress code
-Do not rejoin as soon as you are kicked
-Do not swarm high ranks
-Do not ask for jobs
-Do not try to online date, or be inappropriate
-Be very respectful of all staff, as they are there to help you not hurt you
-Do not look into the windows of an office or classroom if you have no reason to be there
-Don’t promote other companies that don’t have relations with Northeast High School

Thank you all for reading this, I hope this will allow you to get a better insight as to how we run things here at NHS!

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