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--- Log Created: 2083 ---

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August 9th

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Commander Keyna
PFC. Honduras
Pvt. Godwin
Cpl. Qasy

---Begin Log---

Commander Keyna: This is Commander Sandra Kenya recording the first mission log. August 9th. Going to perform a routine perimeter check.

Pvt. Godwin:" "Commander! Come look at this!

--- Running Can Be Heard In The Background ---

Commander Kenya: They leave at this time? FIRE THE ARTILERY!


--- The Anti-Tank Gun Can Be Heard Being Loaded ---

--- The Anti-Tank Gun Can Be Heard Being Shot ---

Commander Keny: Direct Hit! Good work men!

Other(s) Yeah! Nice! Got them!

--- Estimated Time Gap ---

Commander Kenya: This is the After Mission report. We knocked out their humvee and killed for of em. Thats all. Signing off.

This log is subject to change