Not able to do Publish To Roblox As

On this particular place, Publish To Roblox As doesn’t work. Whenever I press overwrite on any other place, nothing happens. My other games in other groups work completely fine.

Game I’m not able to use Publish To Roblox As with: Elemental Dungeons [In-Dev] - Roblox


The clip you’ve sent is only 5s.

  1. How long are you waiting?
  2. What happens after that point? Does the UI remain non-responsive/ does the overwrite button stay grey?

This once happened to me before, but saving the place in studio and then reopening the place fixed the issue for me. Have you tried doing that?

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The overwrite button stays gray, even when I exit that menu, additionally it stays gray for an indefinite period of time


I’m a fan developer and it’s impossible for me to publish the new electric fan motor I made because of the bug that closes the program alone when I try to save the model my friend gu-gamerroblox is having the same problem

@Malt_WasHere Would you be able to provide log for us to get more information?

We are closing this thread as the developer confirmed privately that the issue is fixed!