Not able to Ragdoll from server script

My code is this. I’m sending char (player’s character via remote event when the player presses F) to the server. Note: This works completely fine in the local script but players cannot see each other ragdolling.

Could you send the local script that is firing the remote event?

One of the primordial rule when you coding on roblox is to do not trust the client. Why ? A exploiter can make anything in the client side. So imagine for a moment that I am an exploiter, I would only have to call the remote event with the character of someone else to force him to put it in ragdoll. Imagine now that I do a loop that calls the event, it will become very frustrating for the player that is victim

I recommend you to get the character of the player on the server side with “plr”

Yeah, don’t pass any parameters along with the remote event. Call the player.Character as the char on the server instead.

You could try using badcc’s ragdoll method; works well for me and doesn’t kill the player.

This question was solved. I had to use Server Script in Starter Character Scripts.