[!] Not able to send PMs


I was running some test with some “bots” with my php class and suddenly they couldn’t PM me, I logged manually in and tried to PM manually but the page (both m.roblox.com and roblox.com) errored. This happens both on my alt/bot and main account.

Is this just me or not?


(Sorry, I am on mobile)

With kind regards.

Is this a mobile issue or full issue for you? What OS and Browsers? I have Windows 8.1, and IE11 and Google Chrome both work.

I quickly went to my computer to test it also there…

Windows 7 - Google Chrome (latest) [Error]
Windows 7 - Internet Explorer (latest, I guess) [PM not delivered]
Windows 7 - FireFox (31.5.0) [Error: Login loop]
Cyanogen 12 (Android L/5) - Google Chrome (latest) [Error]

Does also not work with cURL (using Googlebot as agent) on Linux.

What is this :/?

You’re probably sending too many messages in a short span of time.

Shouldn’t be it. I sent ~3 PMs since last month (And maybe 10 in total). It is still an issue.

[Will be in school rn]