Not able to trade with friends despite correct privacy settings

To reproduce this, simply attempt to trade with a friend. Both me and my friend have “who can trade with me” and “who can see my inventory” set to Everyone, yet the website does not allow for trading to commence.

Additionally, this happens to all of the people on my friends list. I have disabled all browser extensions, with no change in the situation being seen. As well as this, I have attempted going into a trade with a random person and simply changing the UserID in the address bar to my friend’s ID, again, to no avail.

I have only noticed this as of yesterday, when I wanted to trade a limited item with one of my friends. The last time I remember being able to trade with friends (though I have not traded often) would be a few months ago (so I wouldn’t have noticed any changes right away).

As well as all this, my friends seem to be able to trade with their friends, but I do not seem to be able to trade with my friends.

I have a PIN code set on my account, I have 2 limited items that I can trade currently, and I additionally am on the beta list.

Privacy Settings Screenshot

Here’s a screenshot of my privacy settings, if it helps.

On the three dots (as detailed by the support page article):

On the collections tab (usually where I find the trade button for non-friends):

If there’s something I’m doing wrong, or there’s a quick solution I’m missing, sorry about that.