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About Me

Hey everyone! I am offering free commission as a builder. I have been building for almost 5 month. I want to refine my building skills so I decided to take request. As this will help my portfolio and help people that need helping hand!

I do not have any showcases to show as I haven’t build anything new to show!


I am available all week, so I can start as soon as I get request!


Price? It’s free! I am only taking NO MORE REQUEST… FULL!


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum! You can contact me at discord a_mystical#0655

Thanks for stopping by! :smile:


I’m sure you must be an excellent builder and it’s great that you’re offering your services for free now! However I think you should still try to at least build something nice and small; to the best of your ability and include it in your portfolio so that people know what style you’re based on. There are many builders all over Roblox, and the only thing that differentiates each of them is experience and style (main differences). So sharing some images may at least help us. :slight_smile:


I understand, I’ll work on something to showcase! Thanks for the advice.


Hi, I’m interested!! Message on devforum for details. :slight_smile:


Hi, I sent you a friend request on Discord. My username is OfficialRolly#8468. Thanks!


Can you send Pic’s of your work please!

Contact me at: 01001100#2696

Kinds Regards (Simualtion4LifeYT)

Hi there! I would really appreciate it if you can build me a really detailed hotel. Add me on discord so I can discuss the whole topic with you.
Discord: iiHypeGum#9891