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About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a graphic designer. I specialise in avatar logos and thumbnails. I have been designing for 2 years.


Here are some screenshots of my work


Prices are negotiable, I accept Paypal or Robux, logos 200+ Robux and thumbnails 300+ Robux.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, drop a message below or privately.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Could you please provide screenshots for the thumbnails?

I also have a tip or two for you:

  1. If you are using blender, I would highly recommend to get the PaintRig. This allows you too bend limbs to create better poses.

  2. Use a HDRI. These are environments that you can use in your GFX to given even lighting and reflections. But, could cause your pc/laptop to crash if it is low-end or your scene has a lot of items.

  3. Use a Lightroom. This could be your alternative to a HDRI. The best Lightroom for free - in my opinion - is the one by AlexanderGFX, it is also free.

  4. Lastly, use cycles. This makes your scenes look more realistic with a better render quality, though it can still cause your pc/laptop to crash.

Hope you take these tips into mind, and good luck for the future. :wave:


You can actually use EDIT MODE, subdividing and then in wireframe mode, use B for box select, and select the sides or faces you want to move instead of that plugin.

The GFX is quite basic, a simple import the character, move somebody parts without using subdivides to get better poses and render and some effects in some photo editor.

Here are some tips:

  • Firstly, use edit mode (TAB) and subdivide to get better poses as this can greatly make your GFX look better.
  • In post-editing, take time in the special effects and make it looks interesting and want to click on it or make people look at it.
  • I think the lighting, instead of a balanced on the whole body, make it shine more on the face or what you are trying to show.
  • When doing head renders, try showing the neck behind the border, but the top of the hair/ahts above it, so you will have to split the image. This will also improve the GFXs (for head shots and upper body)


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Sorry about that, it was a typo. I was typing on phone.

Update 01:

  • Added 4 new pieces of work.
  • Started taking reviews.
  • Upped prices, still lower than most though.

Prices will continue to go up every few days until I get to a price that I see frequently in the community.

Update 02:

  • Added 2 new pieces of work.

Update 03:

  • Added more work.
  • Began learning how to use effects as I feel I have posing learnt well.

Update 05:

  • Added a few new pieces of work.

FIRST OF ALL, This is obviously not 2 years of designing work, lets just put it there. Two, Lying about the time you have spent on work can get you into trouble, because people will ask β€œtoo” much from you.

Thank you for necrobumping. Yes, It’s now been 3 years. I have not been doing GFX for three years but I have been designing for that long.

Now if you any more theories about me please let me know.