Not being able to see my donation board

Hello everyone, I’ve made a donation board, I am trying to help my friend install it, It works in all my games, but in his it gets this error:

Here’s what the board looks like for me:

Here is what it looks like for him:

Anyone got any ideas?

Are you using InsertService:LoadAsset()? I think it may work for the owner of the asset only.

Well currently it is: require(6765581025).Parent = script.Parent | SHould I change it?

Try using:


Okay, one sec let me try that one second.

I’m still having the same issue.

What is the thing you are trying to upload? The type of asset? (Model, script etc)

It’s a MainModule script, for the donation board tof ucntion

No idea why it’s failing. Is the donation board public?

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Oh! Thank you, the loader was private but the board was public! Oops.


For your information, you did not make it.
Don’t falsely claim credit

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HAHA YO jeeeez. Its the guy who made it. nice work!

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That’s where you are wrong my friend! It is my donation board (modified) from Yeah_Ember’s open-sourced board, which is why it says “Powed by” and not “Made by”. Thanks for your understanding.

And that was made by me as well.

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so you made the dancing stuff etc?

Do your research, I made the donation board in 2016. The one from yeah ember even mentions that mine is the original.

Won’t be continuing this topic, you can read it yourself

You seem extremely salty ! Oh well, you have a nice day.