Not getting all my money from clothing

I recently made some clothing which is getting a decent amount of sales, I got around 144 in revenue (with the percentage roblox takes added in, and I have premium) but my pending robux only say around 39. If anyone knows whats going on could you explain it to me?

Doesn’t Roblox take 70 percent of the robux earned?

No, it’s 30%.

Hello there,

By default 30% goes to roblox, 70% is put on the group!


Sys. (Aka. Tim)

I’m not sure then. 30 charrrrrrrr.

You only get 30% if you sell a Gamepass in your name and not on your group.

30% is the fee on everything, it should apply to gamepasses.

No, you’re wrong! You get all 70% on your Group Funds by default. For example, if you sell a GamePass via a “Profile” Game without a Premium (in my opinion), you only get 30% of the budget.

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Ok thank you, the only other thing I can think of is that not all of the purchases have processed through roblox’s system yet?