Not getting any errors?

I’ve tried renaming it to multiple different things, and upload other images works just fine (The other files in the video are ones I uploaded seconds prior.

I just tried uploading another texture as I type this and it worked just fine. Usually ROBLOX would error me with “name is inappropriate” or some bad excuse for why it can’t upload.

Are normal maps getting flagged now or what?

Have you tried refreshing the page? I think I had to do that at one point.

Unfortunately yes. I even tried logging in and out.

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Try changing the name of the item you are uploading to Roblox. (Not the file name on your computer.)

Already said I did this. You can also see that the upload name is different than the file name that’s being uploaded in the video.

Try a different account maybe?

I don’t have another account… this is frustrating. :frowning:

Oh didn’t even watch the video… Oops… Anyways try uploading the image on another account or something. Roblox might be having some issues with uploading some images, not too sure.

I believe this may be related

I myself are unable to repro with a .png file.

This doesn’t make any sense, how can one file texture (Thats a PNG) get uploaded, but another doesn’t? I have a suspicion this is ROBLOXs filter taking a piss again.

This wouldn’t happen because of the filter, it would just say the image is inapropriate. There’s something wrong with the file itself, probably.

Have you changed the file’s extension? Apparently you can set the extension of a .wmv file to a .mp4, and it’ll still work, but it’s still technically a .wmv and therefore will only function on Windows.

Have you tried making it a .jpg? (or whatever the second file type you can upload is, I personally only use .png’s) Also, have you tried uploading any other .png files since this started happening?

Pretty easy to make one.

Apparently you can set the extension of a .wmv file to a .mp4, and it’ll still work,

Idk where you heard that from, but this is not entirely true. When a video is exported to .wmv it’s encoded into the .wmv format. Changing the last 3 letters in its extension doesn’t “re-encode” it. That’s an easy way to corrupt footage.

Also this has nothing to do with videos.