Not getting "Welcome" badge even though I got many likes on my posts

If you check my stats, it says I’ve received approximately 15+ likes on my replies & topics. The thing is, you earn the “Welcome” once you have at least 1 like on a post. If you check my badges, I don’t have the badge!

This started just when I realized it. I didn’t have the “Welcome” badge even if I was a member for about a month now.

Here are some screenshots:

Help would be greatly appreciated.


But, yea you still didn’t recieved it. Have you tried logging out and logging in?

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This is intended. All your posts with Likes were in private categories (not visible when logged out).

Discourse badges are explicitly only awarded for public post content.

I’ve just dropped a Like on your topic here, so you should get the badge soon since #forum-help:forum-bugs is public. :wink:


I still didn’t get the badge… :frowning:

It’s just a badge bro, i dont think it limits your way of interacting on here


I dropped you a like on one of your other posts. It looks like you have the badge now!


Thank you! I finally got the badge :sweat_smile: