[NOT IN USE] Monkey - GFX Designer

Hello! I am offering my services as a GFX designer. I mostly focus on 2D and 3D graphics. I have been designing for 6 months and have been on Roblox for 6 years. I have used 3D renders for 6 months and I have recently got into drawing things myself. I can make profile pictures, game and group icons, channel art and thumbnails, have a look!

I am available for request all the time, but I will not answer them instantly due to school or being asleep, I always love to have requests, so do not be afraid to ask!

Advert = 100 robux
2D Logo = 150 robux
3D Logo = 130 robux
3D Game Icons = 220 robux
2D Game Icons = N/A
Profile Pictures = 80 robux
Channel Art = 50 robux

You can contact me here of via discord.
Discord = @JosephXD#3607

Thanks for reading!


[UPDATES] Added profile pictures and some more showcases.


Wonderful work! Would reccommend to most people! :grinning: