Not Interested Button for Recommended Games


As a Roblox User, the inability to hide/remove games from your Recommended Tab on the home page is a problem. As the recommended tab seemingly never changes the games listed and occasionally will show Low Quality games such as Obbys or Tycoons. Which can prevent lesser known well-made games from appearing. The problem with the games seemingly never changes are as follows.

  1. You will have no Interest in playing those games.
  2. Have already played them.

My recommended page has several games that I have either played, or am not at all interested in. Theres even one deleted game in it! All of them I am unable to hide and they will continue to be listed even though I have no interest in them whats-so-ever, and looking at the same games in the page over again, gets very dull…


What I am proposing with this post is the ability, to remove/hide a game from either the Page or the tab on the home page. Similiar to YouTube’s feature that allows you to hide videos in their recommended tab. This allows new videos to make their way into the sort, and should prevent that certain video from appearing again in your recommended.
The above photo shows the “Not Interested” button on YouTube’s home page that allows you to hide the video from the tab. I myself use this feature a lot and while the video can reappear, it won’t reappear for a while, and will be gone when you refresh the page. If Roblox can add something like this to the games on the recommended tab and page. It’d allow users to remove the games they don’t like or have no interest in, and make way for newer games that you haven’t played to fill their place.

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