Not jumping to the text found in Expressive Output Window Beta

When finding some text inside the Expressive Output Window (in the text find field), it’s not jumping to the text found.


  1. Enable Expressive Output Window Beta
  2. Print many things to the output
  3. Click in the search field, try to find some string and press Enter

Will will notice that even there are many occurrences, the cursor is not jumping to the found text line:

Hi rogeriodec_games,

Thanks for reporting this! Can you give more detail in your repro steps? For example, what exactly did you print to the output and then search for?

Thanks for the quick response.
I think it doesn’t matter what are you searching for since I think it searches for anything as a string…

Anyway, looking closer, it seems to do with hidden fields…
Run this script:

for i=1, 100, 1 do

… and, with the Output Window below the Script window (also with TimeStamp, Context, and Source disabled), try to search for example for 50:

You’ll notice it indicated 7 matches as the image above (there might be only one occurrence of “50”).
But if enabling “TimeStamp”, I see it’s finding the 50, inside the timestamp:

So it seems that the problem is the find function is finding hidden fields, which is causing this confusion.

I think I got the problem:
It’s not jumping to the text found when this text was generated by the new print() for tables:

dic = {}
for i=1, 100, 1 do
	dic["f"..i] = i*10

So I think I found 2 problems:

  1. not jumping to the text found when this text was generated by the new print() for tables
  2. finding in hidden fields

Got it! Thank you for reporting again! We will look into this.

Solved, thank you!

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