Not of type Game Pass, even tho it is a gamepass

GamePassService:PlayerHasPass(player, 5054762)

[GamePassId ‘5054762’ is not of type Game Pass. Please use MarketplaceService:PlayerOwnsAsset instead.]

Pretty sure I’ve had this problem in the past and never got a clear answer.


Roblox has changed the way you get game passes for newer game passes. Unless thats a old one the new system can be found here

marketplaceService:UserOwnsGamePassAsync(player.UserId, gamePassID)

Was that the answer or is it still not working?

Ye this works.

Is there a reason why GamepassService is still a thing? If it doesn’t work then there’s really no need for it to be ever mentioned

Legacy and New

It is written on the page: – wait did the link break or?

Legacy game passes with asset IDs. Newer game passes now uses MarketplaceService instead of this one.

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Easy, if ALL gamepasses have the newer id (and only old ones have the asset id attached to them) then just remove the asset Id :man_shrugging: problem solved

They probs could do that but for what ever reason they didn’t.

Don’t forget to mark the solution so other people know its been solved

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There’s no problem to solve if you just look at the wiki. They’re not going to break old code that works using this just because some people use code without checking the wiki first.

No point having the wiki there if it can’t be used. The deprecated text does not stand out whatsoever. Deprecated stuff should be removed from the wiki. It has no point in being there

The large bright red box is very obvious, I’m not sure how you can miss it. It’s important to have deprecated functions on the wiki so that people can understand what old code did–if the functions were nowhere online then people would have trouble switching to a non-deprecated alternative.

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When the first thing you do on a wiki is scroll down to the bottom where there is example code for you to use, then no, the deprecated box isn’t that obvious. I don’t read everything about every function. I just want the code and then I’m out. If people use deprecated stuff there should be more clear ways of conveying this. Printing an error in the output saying that the use of this function/event is deprecated, etc. Or have the deprecated tag on the wiki stay on the screen no matter what you scroll.

The only way you’re gonna learn is to actually read the top notification boxes before you go on a search and copy mission. What you’re saying is lazy and blaming Roblox for not updating you is just, again, lazy. Read those boxes like everyone else before you come onto the forums saying you need to figure something out which can be found at the top of the wiki page you’re currently on or even looking up the methods from the error statements.

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You can’t just remove the old system. Any games that have not updated yet would be completely broken. You have to give developers time to switch over. Monetization is a especially important part of Roblox, you can not just replace it without warning. Old game passes still worked for a while so developers could transition.

Not for whatever reason, they didn’t do this intentionally. It would create a massive gap to suddenly delete several asset ids from the database, considering game passes were assets before they were migrated to a separate id system. This is the same way that user links aren’t deleted for terminated users, it’s instead replaced by a “page not found” error.

New game passes only have a game pass id. Old game passes still have asset ids but they shouldn’t be used at all.

Thos new system has been out for a loooonng time. Devs have had plenty of time to change. If they haven’t then they obviously not on the platform anymore so it doesn’t matter if their game breaks / gamepasses dont work

Still, Roblox keeps a lot of depreciated items around for that reason. If DeVos ever come back to their game after a while and want to update it, they need to know the new from the old. The giant red depreciated banner indicates this, so I think depreciated items should stay. As long as they are marked and nobody overlooks those marking, everything will be fine. I get that when you are in a rush, you may not be looking for the banner. Try unchecking the show depreciated box, and then no depreciated items will be shown.