Not possible to test the game in different languages in Studio anymore

According to the documentation Introduction to Localization on Roblox you should be able to change what language to test the game with in Studio.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Plugins → Localization Tools Window

Expected results: The Localization Tools Window should contain a dropdown to select available test languages

Actual results: The Localization Tools Window does not contain any option to select test language

Impact: It is not possible to test localizations in Studio


I have looked around in Studio if the test language option has been moved, but only found where you can set the Studio interface to Chinese.


Hey there!

Apologies for the incorrect information on our documentation page. We are working to update that ASAP!

You can find the test language option in Test > Emulation > Player. Full documentation on this new Player Emulator coming soon!


Thank you for the answer!

No worries! I am just happy that it is possible, thanks for pointing out where it is. :slight_smile:

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