Not receiving badges

So, you can notice, that I got replies that got 10+ likes

But you can notice, that my account is missing something…

Same with topics… Or do the topics count differently?

Is it manual and they didn’t notice or?

Platform: DevForum
Date First experienced: 12/24/2022
Date Last Experienced: 12/27/2022
Frequency: Everytime I have to recieve a badge
Impact: Minor

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After analysing your profile and the top topics, all of them do not reach the requirements as it contains only 2 likes (you are seeing another value as they gathered the likes from the post as well as the replies).

Now, as for the replies, they appear to be valid, yet oddly how you did not receive them… The automatic system should been given you earlier

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Well it shows, that I got 12 likes on topic…

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Your two posts are in #development-discussion which is a private category, you can tell it is one since there is a symbol of a lock. You can only earn badges in public categories.


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