Not Receiving Full Payout From Clothing Sales [Missing Robux]

I often need to transfer funds to one of my groups to payout commission based developers or set aside funds for that specific group. Recently, I put a shirt I had made a year or so ago on sale as I needed to transfer those funds. It displayed that I would receive 35,000 Robux if sold, but would lose 15,000 to the marketplace fee.

See Shirt Here:

After putting it on sale, I bought the shirt.

I checked my pending sales after this to confirm that it went through. The pending sales, however, displayed that my group would only receive 30,000 Robux from the sale. Therefore, more than 30% of it is being taken by the Marketplace fee.

Is there a reason why this is occurring or is it a bug? I don’t appreciate that it provided the incorrect amount ahead of time as I needed that exact amount in my group.


Hello! This also happened to me. Apparently, you automatically receive 10% of the price (in this case, the missing 5,000 robux) directly to your account. Check your Transactions Page and the payout should appear under “Commissions” and/or “Group Payouts”.


I did look over this and I do see that 5,000 Robux under my commissions.

But, this leads me to another concern or question. Why does this occur? When I purchase a shirt, does this mean that if I am the original uploader, do I always get a commission?

Thinking back, by habit, I would buy any shirts I got through my catalog game as I had heard you get commission from this, but that commission always came out of the marketplace fee. I believe I also did that for this shirt, but now it is coming out of the seller’s fee? That doesn’t seem right. This means that if anyone sells your shirt in game, regardless of your permission, they automatically get to take some of your promised funds.

If this is the case, it should be advertised on the potential sales that there is a possibility you won’t get full funds based on where the item is bought.

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It is possible that you’ve configured the group to distribute 10% of the group’s revenue to yourself or other developers?

I’ve also experimented the same issue but with gamepasses, and it has always said “Revenue going to group fund: 100%”…


I have never added a payout for this group before. It currently displays 100% to the group.

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Do you get a commission off gamepass as well? I didn’t realize this. So, if someone buys your game pass through another game instead of your game or the actual game page, they get a commission from your game profits?