Not Receiving Full Upfront Payment Per Item - UGC Limiteds

My Camo Flashlight item has 10,000 stock, each priced at 36 Robux. I paid 100,000 Robux upfront for the stock, meaning each stock was worth 10 Robux. However, in my Sales of Goods transactions page, it says I am only receiving 20 Robux per sale when I should receive 21 Robux per sale.

Expected behavior

Per the example on the Marketplace Fees and Commissions page:

30 Robux (commission per item): 100 Robux per item x 30% commission
20 Robux (upfront payment per item): 4,000 Robux upfront payment / 200 Limited hats

Therefore, I should be receiving:
11 Robux (commission per item): 36 Robux per item x 30% commission (10.8 rounds to 11 [Round Half Even])
10 Robux (upfront payment per item): 100,000 Robux upfront payment / 10,000 Limited items

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I’m experiencing the same behavior - For example, this item Emerald Assassin's Quiver - Roblox I should be recieving 105 as my selling price of 249 * 0.3 rounds to 74.7 + 30 robux fee = 104.7, however I am receiving only 104.


Thanks for the report. We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll keep you updated on progress!


Hey 0929lego and Valk! Thanks so much for the report. We found and corrected the issue. You should be receiving communications in the coming days with the correction to your account (as well as others who experienced the same).

Thanks so much!


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