Not receiving password reset emails

I need help regarding my friend’s account. The account is from 2010, old e-mail got hacked but we got it back after 13 years. Basically he needs to reset his password but the password reset emails are not arriving. We tried everything, he whitelisted the domains, added Roblox as a contact, but he doesn’t get the password reset. We contacted Roblox Support and they said “this email is linked to the account you’re contacting us with, please reqeust password reset” bla bla. All botted responses, he asked for them to manually change password or email but they keep saying to reset password and that stuff. So, it’d be really helpful if a real human moderator could review it, any tips would be helpful… I don’t know where else to post this.


Roblox’s email system has been broken for months now, nothing can be done about it except resending the reset email every few hours and praying one of them works.


It always worked for me and my other accounts