Not recieving Robux from Donation Board (Nitenity Studios)

Hey Developers,

Within my game I have a donation board (from Nitenity Studios) which is all set up correctly, the donations and leaderboards are working perfectly but I am not recieving any Robux from the donations. There is nothing showing up in the Pending Robux section and the currency is not added to my account.

Can any Nitenity Studios Donation Board users help me with this issue?


I believe that they actually get the robux not you because you need to make your own game passes for them.

Yes, I have changed the Developer Product ID’s to mine.

Oh well I have no idea how it did not work then.

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Oh it seems to be working now!

Thanks for replying anyway!

How did you solve the problem? If someone else has this issue they can use your steps to fix it.

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I made some new Dev Products and replaced my previous ones with them.

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I’m pretty sure it was just roblox taking a long time, because of their new update of having to wait up to 7 days for robux to come in after sales.

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