Not seeing ads on my account, account issue

I have an issue regarding advertisiments. The places where ads should be on the website are not being filled in with ads, but are left blank. I’ve had this issue for a few months now.

When i say “my account” I mean the following: Siebe - Roblox

Things i’ve tried:

  • Resetting cookies
  • Deleting all extensions
  • Using a different browser (Default browser is Chrome, used Micr. Edge to test)
  • Restarting my laptop multiple times, updating windows etc.
  • Using a different device

However, when I use another account on the same computer i can see ads. This issue is account based. My account account that can’t see ads has these settings:

  • ID verified to be 13+
  • Has all settings set to the default 13+ settings (i.e. no restrictions regarding communication, no restrictions regarding playable games, etc.)


  • I do not have an active adblocker enabled (YouTube ads for example work just fine using the same browser etc)
  • I do not have any extension that alters the roblox website

Specifications regarding my browser (although it doesn’t work on Microsoft Edge either):
Google Chrome version: 109.0.5414.74 (Officiële build) (64-bits) (cohort: 109_Ramp_up_74)
JavaScript: V8

This issue is constant. I stopped seeing ads on the roblox website.


We’ve filled a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and will come back as soon as we have updates!

Thanks for flagging!


Hey @SiebeYolo thank you for bringing this up. At any given time we may have several experiments running that could involve hiding ads from certain accounts. This is expected behavior

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Cool but why haven’t I been noticed of the fact that i’m part of an experiment? Is there any way to opt-out? How long will this experiment last? I like seeing ads. It makes the roblox feel more alive, I can find some new games to play and it allows me to observe current trends in the Roblox landscape.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool to be part of an experiment of some kind, but I would love to be noticed in any way, being it a roblox message or some popup on the website. Now i’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure this all out.

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These are called AB tests (A has the change and B doesn’t) and typically the users involved are not notified because that biases how they behave when interacting with the change, and can impact analytics.

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Any info on how to opt-out though?

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That would also skew analytics. That is not typically possible.

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pfff. How long does this stuff usually last?

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:woman_shrugging: Weeks, months. Depends.
Regardless, you usually cannot opt out of an AB test, there are usually frameworks behind the scenes that will cycle the userbase from time to time so if you’re lucky you’ll get switched to the other group. You’re subjected to these kinds of things on a daily basis FWIW. Most significant web companies will run these.


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