Not showing friends, favorites, games, or accessories

So I was taking a look at my friends from my roblox page, and I noticed that it said “This user has no Friends” along with this issue happening to games I own and games/items I’ve favorited. This started occurring a few minutes ago.

This is also the case for my Avatar page, it doesn’t seem to be loading my accessories I have. It does show it on the Recent page but it then redirects me saying I do not own the item.


Similar problem but I’m pretty sure its related. It’s not showing any of your items when you try changing your avatar


This is also an issue, I just checked my avatar it shows my owned items on my Recent, but it doesn’t show on my Clothing, or any other accessory. Will make sure to add it onto my bug post.

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Can confirm. This is happening to me. I thought it was a bug on my end but my friends are having this issue as well.

Thank you for the report! This issue should be resolved. If you have any unresolved issues, please let us know in this thread.


Hey! Thank you for fixing the Avatar page, but it seems that the Friends, and Favorites still aren’t fixed. The issue is still happening to me.

Edit: Favorites are fixed, friends still aren’t showing.

when did you have issue for friends and favorite? and when you say “my roblox page” , do you mean you click “Profile” from navigation?

It’s fixed now, I was using a google extension for roblox and it made the friends list not viewable.

Can you tell me which google extension are you using? so I can repo. We also make change for friends page today on profile, to align it with home page people list feature. I guess that might break plugin

Sure thing, here’s a link:

Thanks @21stPsalm . So does favorites fix for you or not after you turn off extension?

It fixes, but then I realized I unfavorited all my games so I thought it was an issue, sorry about that.

Edit: But while checking my friends account, he actually had favorited games but it didn’t appear to show any of his, but it’s resolved now

if it appears before and disappear after a few second or min, I wonder if this is related to cache

I deleted my cache and the players show again using BTRoblox, so seems to be related to cache.