Not sure how to export a Detailed ViewModel and turn it to a Mesh

I am trying to export my ViewModel I have made to Blender, Reduce its polys (and make each arm one mesh), rig it with bones, then import it back with its original textures. I am uncertain about how to keep its textures at the end of the process as well as rig it.

is there a better method than the one I am using? Can I make the same end product with another method?

This is the ViewModel:

Any and all input that can aim me in the right direction would be hugely appreciated!!

I dont think thats possible.
If you export that model from Studio to Blender, and you fuse all mesh elements into one mesh, that one mesh will only use one texture, you should reTexture that mesh, creating an UVmap for it and paint it.

If you dont fuse the mesh elements, you will still be able to change each element to a specific material or texture, but you would not have only one mesh, you will have many of them

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