Not sure how to make this little chat convo

How would I go about making a little chat conversation like below.

Note: I don’t want a full script just what I should do. Not sure where else to ask this without somehow finding a tutorial when I can barely even describe it. If you could also look for a tutorial that would be nice. If I have to take this down I will. /shrug

For me I would listen for a click, activate a GUI, set the camera position and enable a script in the GUI for the text to appear.

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Neat effect. I’ll break this down a bit for clarity.

As for the camera, this is classic use of camera interpolation or shifting the camera from one cframe (start) to another (goal) via a transition.

As for the text showing up like that, there’s a bunch of different ways to do it. There’s actually a wiki article about this that explains this better than I ever could. You’d have to learn from it and apply it to your own style but, this should be more than enough to get you started.

Hope this helps!


You can try out the Glossydons’s Dialogue Editor Fork, which helps in the creation of dialogue systems(basically what the NPC will say)

With some camera manipulation and with a ‘typewriter’ text animation script, you can definitely recreate the conversation in the video!

Here’s a tutorial post on the dialogue system I mentioned about!
However, don’t download the editor in the tutorial post as it is unmaintained and buggy