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this resource is unavailable :smiley:
thank you everybody who commented or gave me feedback.

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Is it possible to link a test game so we can actually test it?

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Here is a crappy game I made some time ago. It uses this gun system

note: you need to drive to the gun store to purchase a gun there


10 ROBUX!? You are making like 10 cents from this. I am not saying to like make it more expensive, the gun system looks good. I would though, just suggest to make such a resource free and probably just go make plugins which could get you more than just 10 cents.

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I expected this to be a trash gun system for 10 robux, and then played the game and it’s way better than I thought it would have been,


yes i would like this purchase this product


my thinking process here is that if i make it cheap more people would by it
but i completely understand your point!

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Can you provide what can be customized?

bullet spread? ie shot gun

different ammo drops per different gun?

different bullet speeds?

different bullet distances?

tunable muzzle effects?

bullet effects?

what else?

anit cheats?

what makes this different then ACS , spearhead, FE ?



Here are the options in the settings folder in each gun:
maxwpenetration (wallbang)
mode (firemode)
speed (firerate)
Recoil is also tunable
Keep in mind, the scripts are all yours after purchase, you can customize, add, remove, do anything to them as you please. If you feel like something is missing, you could add it in.

All models, particles, sounds and other effects are customizable. Basically anything is customizable as long as the name of important parts stay the same.

I am not saying GHOUL is better or worse than any other gun system
ACS and spearhead are quite realistic. They have in-depth features, like when you reload you have to manually rack the bolt. GHOUL on the other hand is quite goofy. For example the headshot ragdoll, it makes it more playful.

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Nice, play area…

…"Do you feel lucky punk?! …

…Welll ??..

Do you!?


Any rockets?

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It’s still 10 robux. It’s at a point where it’s so cheap that no one would kind of buy it. Try making it free or adding so many features that it’s going to cost a lot. As people would still go prefer FE gun kit because it’s free with many features making this gun kit system die.

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll take this into consideration.

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Isn’t this just rufus14’s gun system? This is just his FB Beryl which is located on the marketplace for FREE.

Does this one have other features? I was just about to buy it…

and um, does it check if you have the gamepass to run ?

The other one is free on the marketplace. Just filter the ToolBox by creator. The creator is Rufus14. You can do that or just search up FB Beryl. It should be the first thing that pops up. Also the gun system is in R6.

If you wanna make a community resource, then make it cost money…

I’m not gonna pay for a community resource.

I can’t beleive it. I really thought it was his own at first, but no… the OP stole it and said 10 robux for it…