Nothing (mistaken post)

Nothing (mistaken post)


I think it looks great, but i think that the person/character on the icon is a bit bright and too clear from background other wise its great

i really like it, but i would recommend that you use shaders, for depth.
also many times the blood doesent mix well with other colors, render will, and seems risky to submit to roblox.

realy cool overall though.

This might not matter that much, but the subject/main character of the view doesn’t have a face. I don’t know if this was intended or not.

Yeah, maybe try to add a “war” style face, as putting nothing there sort of decreases the quality.

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I’d advise to make the text clearer as the text you have is hard to read and doesn’t pop out as much as others. Take the front page as example, they have their text full opacity and easy to read or they have an icon for their game if the game is unique enough to be recognized by a single image.

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Well firstly, we never start off great at what we do. Even after 6 months some might see no improvement, but just keep doing what your doing and you will see change. I have been building for over 5 years now and I complete builds about 10x faster then I use to, and obviously the build quality is better.

Secondly, you’re work is quite decent. Obviously there is room for improvement but that is where the time factor comes in. Keep trying and doing what your doing and you will gain skill.

Over years you can produce that much of a skill that you can obtain employment in graphics with big company’s.

I hope to see somemore graphics created by you in the future!

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Looks alright for a beginner. I want you to understand now that you can become the best if you put the work in, trust me!

With that being said, I want just recommend someone who I know that makes/has made very good videos on YouTube about Roblox graphics designing, take a look at this video here:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Nice, but the humanoid could be better.

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