Notice of Federal Referendum


Notice of Article 4 Federal Referendum

Notice is hereby given of a Federal Referendum under Article 4 of the Provisional Constitution

The Referendum is being called by the Federal Government to satisfy the conditions under Article 4(3) to adopt the government’s proposed constitution.

The Date of the Referendum shall be the 1st of July 2018. The government considers this a reasonable amount of time to understand the proposal as required under the common law.

The question given during the Referendum shall be:

  1. Should the Confederation adopt the Proposal for a new Constitution or continue to use the Provisional Constitution?
  2. Sollte der Bund den Vorschlag für eine neue Verfassung annehmen oder die Provisorische Verfassung weiterhin anwenden?
  3. La Confédération devrait-elle adopter la proposition de nouvelle constitution ou continuer à utiliser la Constitution provisoire?
  4. La Confederazione dovrebbe adottare la proposta di una nuova Costituzione o continuare a utilizzare la Costituzione provvisoria?

The possible answers on the ballot paper shall be:
Yes, Ja, Oui, sì
No, Nein, Non

A vote for Yes is to be interpreted as a vote for the proposal, a vote for No is to be interpreted as a vote against the proposal.

In accordance with Article 4(3), the proposal will pass if there are more votes for the proposal than there are against the proposal.

The proposal can be found here: Proposal for a Full Constitution


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