Notice of Federal Referendum

Notice of Federal Referendum

Notice is hereby given of a Federal Referendum under Article 11

The Referendum is being called by the Federal Government to consider a proposed amendment to the Constitution.

The Date of the Referendum shall be the 7th of July 2018.

The government intends to insert the following Amendment:

In Article 6, Insert a new Section (13) to read:
"The Federal Council shall be the Primary and Sole Federal Legislator of the Confederation."
(a) "It shall be able to pass, amend, repeal, and perform any other action accorded to it in Common Law in relation to Federal Law in accordance with Article 6(10) and any other Constitutional requirements laid down from time to time by"
(i) "This Constitution"
(ii) "Amendments to this Constitution"
(iii) "The Common Law"

The question given during the Referendum shall be:

Should the Constitution be amended to insert Article 1, which explicitly makes the Federal Council responsible for Federal Law?

The possible answers on the ballot paper shall be:




In accordance with Article 11(8), the proposal will pass if there are more votes recorded for YES than there are votes for NO.

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