Notification Stream in Studio doesn't work

When I “Mark All As Read” it comes back as if there is something read. You’ll also notice in the screenshot below the Studio Collaborator DevForum post is also missing. Which means its not feeding all of the posts.

Expected behavior

I expect mark as read to make the notification dot go away. I also expect the stream to populate with new content.


Try restarting your Roblox Studio, it should fix your issue.

This is a bug that should be fixed. I shouldn’t have to restart Studio to get things to work.

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Issue is also occuring for me too. Anmoying but doesn’t affect me much.

They’re checking this out. We’ll report back when we have an update!

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Thanks everyone for the replies here! We have a fix coming this week for this. I will update the thread once the fix is released!


Thank you and anyone else involved for the swift action on this. It means a lot to see Roblox care. :heart:

Hi folks! We just released a fix for the “Mark all as read” button, so if you still see it, let us know! Make sure your version of Studio is updated to the version released today.

For the other problem with the missing notifications, our backend folks are still working on cleaning up the issues. That should be resolved by the beginning of next week.

I’ll resolve the ticket early next week after getting confirmation from our backend folks at that time!

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Just a heads up that I noticed some other problems related to the “Mark all as read” and the notification bell’s blue dot state, so I’m going to keep this thread open. I’m working on a fix that will either reach next week or the week after’s Studio update. I will keep this thread updated on that!

Edit: Just got wind that the last update of Studio was rolled back, so waiting for that to be fixed!

Just confirmed that things are fixed now, closed the bug!