Notifications+ ( DanielDev )

Hey there fellow Developers!

I’m Daniel and I Present the Release of my very first Community Resource

I Call it Notifications+

Have you ever Played a Roblox Game and seen Notifications Appearing Seamlessly on the Right Side of your screen?. If you have then as a Developer you may have wondered how it is done :thinking:.

Seek No Further For I have created a Simple Module with less than 100 Lines of Code that achieve this.

Here is a Preview of the Notification!

Of Course the UI Here is Fully Customisable and the Code isnt too Advanced for Beginner Developers to understand and Edit.

You can also setup Proximity Prompts to Trigger Notifications!

To use the Module it simple as Requiring it and Calling the Neccesary functions

	local Notification = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.NotificationModule)

The SendFunction takes a few arguments like:

  • plr = add this if you want the plr's profile photo to appear
  • text = The Text you want the Notification to Say
  • bool = Show Image Set to True to make it visible
  • Team = if you in anycase want the Notification to be shown to certain Teams
  • color = The Text Color ---

In that very Order

Say you don’t want to change the color and leave it at the default “White” then don’t set a argument for color

Team should be set to nil if not in use

bool should be set true or false

You can Pickup a Copy of the Module Here:

I Appreciate any and all Comments and Feedback on this Basic Module!

Happy Developing :pray::sparkling_heart:

Btw Put the Module in Replicated Storage!


As your first community resource, it’s probably a very nice one. But the UI could probably get some revamp done. But it’s pretty cool as your first try.


Thanks for the Feedback I will try to update this as much as Possible :smiley:

You can try looking at other resources, and improving the animation using TweenStyles and directions.

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