Notifications for Accessories


As a Roblox player, the favorite button on items in the Catalog is quite useless other than just showing that you favorited it. When I favorite an accessory, I am basically kept out of the loop for any important changes for that item such as if the accessory goes off sale/on sale, goes limited and the only way I can keep in the loop is by downloading an extension.

If Roblox were to add notifications for accessories when favorited, it would allow users that favorite an accessory to be able to follow and track its changes through the notifications tab in the home page. For accessories that go limited, this can allow owners to know they are able sell this accessory other than keeping it in their inventory.



Example of desired kinds of notifications:

  • Accessory went limited
  • Accessory went on/off-sale
  • Accessory with timer is going off-sale soon
  • Accessory you placed for sale was sold
  • Accessory was updated (description / title / price)

When a user favorites an accessory, they would get notifications about the updates on that accessory.

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