Notifications for polls

Hello gamers,

I have had this idea for some time what if we could get notifications when some one votes for our polls? I don’t see any thing wrong about this idea what do you think?

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It would spam the inbox a little too much in my opinion. There are more things to care about like having a civil discussion than some poll.


What is your point on adding it? We need to know that you have a valid point about why is tidbit necessary. IF not, don’t suggest it.

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idk so you can keep up to date on how your poll is doing

I don’t think the idea of getting a notification when someone votes is good, I think a notification for when a poll is closed would be cool though.

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how come???

If you have even just a standard topic that gets average attention you’ll be getting a notification every 1 minute or something

If you leave the forum then you’ll get like 120 notifications when the voting finally comes down


then how about hearts? you can get them a lot

I personally have like notifications deactivated, they can stack but even then, you get way more votes than likes, because not everyone will agree with you, a voting doesn’t require someone to agree with someone for the most part.
I do open the notifications tab to check if there’s any post of mine which is getting attention every once and a while but, overall getting like notifications can annoy me.

For instance,

This reply, which I asked if people wanted an asset to have a model attached to it or only GitHub,
there were 154~ voters, and most of my other replies in that topic have around / up to 3 likes.
If likes can already annoy me, imagine voting.

I don’t really think this is a good idea. Lots of people will vote. I literally have a post with around 10-15 polls in it. Each poll had around 300-400 votes. Imagine how many notifications that would be. Nice concept, but probably not worth it.

what if there was a limit for example if you had a lot of voters it would stop sending notifications @LucasTutoriaisSaimo and @soIdiertheory


I don’t think it’s really necessary to get a bunch of notifications, from a bunch of people, on one thread that they aren’t even replying to you with any more new or useful information. It’s just a choice or choices they give which won’t differ between people.

Like lets say in the poll, there is “yes”, “maybe”, and “no”. Assuming this poll is in #development-discussion where many people are, you’ll probably get a decent amount of votes, so:

Yes gets 25 votes;
Maybe gets 36 votes;
No gets 21 votes.

For a total of 82 votes.
82 notifications for poll answers on the same thread, with answers that don’t add new information to them or any additional response other than “yes”, “maybe”, and “no”? And 82 for many polls is quite low - polls can tend to rack up over 100+ votes.

It’s kind of a useless suggestion since you could just bookmark the thread so you can quickly go there and check up on your poll. Maybe turn on “Watching” on the bottom so that you get every notification of the thread, and when you get a notification, you can just click on it to go to your thread from your inbox.